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Deepfall Dwarven Gold Mines….

The dwarves of Deepfall have recently reclaimed their gold mines, after LePhroig was killed. They got through most of the mines during the reclaimation, but lost many groups of dwarves once they tried to get to the lowest level. The party happened to be in the Drunken Dwarf when a dwarven messenger frantically came in and started calling all dwarves to arms to help. The party of adventurers decided to follow the frenzied dwarves to help out if they could. Here is the first level of those mines, and the location on the map.

The location of the Dwarven Gold Mines of Deepfall.

Here is the first level of the Dwarven Gold Mines of Deepfall…..Here is the link to the PDF, Deepfall Dwarven Gold Mines.


Blog Stats, in case you’re wondering…????

…….So, I have had this blog since like 2010 or 2011, for a long time. As a blogger, I suck. But as a content creator, I ROCK….!!! At least I think so in my mind…..LOL…!

…….As a blogger, I have gone into too many long streches of not posting a damned thing (Like years at a time…)

…….As a content creator, I really think some of these maps, geomorphs, and 1d100 Random Lists are pretty good.

…….I decided to post a screen shot of this weeks stats. Quick history lesson about this blog. When I started, I was inspired by Dyson Logos blog, his maps, his cross hatching, the old school vibe. I emulated his style and started doing geomorphs, like everyone else was back then, starting all from Dyson’s inspiration. It was an awesome time, I was blogging and working with some great bloggers out there on the interwebs. I never have had a lot of people see my blog, my work. Except the one day Dyson mentioned me on his blog, that day I got like 360 or so vistors in one day. For the most part though, other than that day, my stats are more like this.

That’s about what an average week looks like for this blog. I want to thank all of you who visit….You guys ROCK! I would love to get more visitors, but to be honest, I just don’t care! I am happiest when I finish something new and can post it. It’s kind of a synergy, the more I post, the more people start seeing the content I create, which encourages me to keep producing more content.

PS, trying to finish the “We loot the body 1d100 random table, also working on the Deepfall campaign and hope to post some more of that.


For some unexplained reason, I had to share this early….

Currently, I am working on another 1d100 random ass list, this one is a list for “I loot the body”. Looting the body happens alot in my current campaign, go figure! I was at work today, and had a spare moment, so I pulled up the Loot the Body list I am working on. Typed in a few entries, then out of no where I created this entry. It is only number 14 on the list, but it struck me as how weird something so random yet so fun to run in a game comes out. The whole creative process completely baffles me at times. I mean when your staring at the next entry on a list and you have no freaking idea what to write, you just start writing and then a few minutes later your looking at something that could be so much fun in a game session. That is what happened to me today when I wrote the following entry. Is it great, hardly. Is it fun, I think it is, the possiblities for players and shennanigans with this are endless. (At least for three times…)

Entry number 14, on my 1d100 list of “I Loot the Body”

14. You find 11 GP, and a small pouch. In the small pouch is a quill pen, a small vial of ink, and three small sheets of parchment paper, each roughly three inches square. Whatever you draw with the pen, ink, and piece of parchment will instantly materialize, while the parchment paper turns to dust and fades away. The drawn item will only ever be as big as the picture. If you draw a horse, a live three-inch horse will appear. If you draw a diamond, you’ll have a three-inch diamond. After 1d12 hours the drawn item turns to dust and fades away.

The idea, after I wrote it, made me want to draw an illustration for it, so I did…..weird how that all works???? Anyways, I am still working on the list, it takes time to come up with this stuff. As always, enjoy.


I am Back….

Just a quick note to everyone who checks out my blog. I was on vacation for awhile, and haven’t posted anything new. I am back now, and will be posting again. Working on some new content, mostly for my current game, can’t wait to share it.


Friday’s Mystery Meat: Or What’s in the Crate? …another 1d100 random table.

~ Attention, here’s an update on tonight’s dinner. It was veal, I repeat, veal. The winner of tonight’s mystery meat contest is Jeffrey Corbin who guessed “some kind of beef.”~

I finally finished my random 1d100 “What’s in the Crate” table! So here it is, just click on the link to download it. “What’s in the Crate” as always enjoy.


The Final Four: Teleport Keys, Magic Teleport Doors, with Free Colorized Standee’s

So I colored the final key, door, and standee doors. The doors and keys make great player handouts, (at least for my game they do). The new black key is the only key that works on the black door, and will teleport the adventures to somewhere very, very dangerous or back to the starting black door/room. It is also the only key that will work on all the other doors, all the regular keys only go to the next teleport room. The yellow key/door teleports to the blue room/door. The blue key/door teleports to the red room/door. The red key/door teleports to the yellow room/door. The black door only goes to a very dangerous place, or back to it’s starting location. As always enjoy.


Final Magic Teleport Room Door Keys…..or “How these became my new favorite markers”

I finally finished the magic teleport room door keys and I really like how they turned out. Just used some chaos runes from an earlier post, and added them to the outside rim of the keys. Then printed out the balck and white copy and colored them with my alcohol markers. I think I first started experimenting with these “Master’s Touch” alcohol markers last summer. I get them at my local Hobby Lobby, normally they cost like $6.00 per marker, but they are on sale a lot for 50% off, so I buy them then.

I like these pens a lot. One end is a brush tip, the other is a regular marker tip. I have yet to ever actually use the regular tips. I enjoy the control I get with the brush tip, it’s almost like painting with a very fine brush, lots of control. They do have a tendency to bleed however, so I am very mindful of that when I use them. I feel like a kid again, just trying to stay in the lines of a coloring book.

Here is a link to the PDF of these Magic Keys.

My current magic teleport room door in color, with a B&W one for you to color.
“Master’s Touch” alcohol markers, my new favorites!!!

….”Friday’s Mystery Meat”….Magic Doors….”Or, how the hell did we end up here….???”

~ Attention, here’s an update on tonight’s dinner. It was veal, I repeat, veal. The winner of tonight’s mystery meat contest is Jeffrey Corbin who guessed “some kind of beef.”~

I needed to draw some magic doors for my game. The party encountered the first door, in some long forgotten crypts under the sewers of Deepfall (See the last Mystery Meat Post, it’s the magically locked secret door in the upper left corner). At the time I had no idea what was behind the door, only that it magically locked and could only be opened with a key. I contemplated this after the session, and came up with the idea that behind each door is a teleport room, There will be three doors, and four keys. (The plain black and white door is for you to color and use anyway you want) Each key will be a circular iron disk, inlaid with brass and gems, they fit into the small circle in the center of the doors. Here is a rough idea of what the keys will look like (Just a concept drawing, still need to make it look cooler and more magical). Here is the link to the Magic Doors PDF.

The example above is the blue key for the blue door (The blue triangle at the top of the door is the door color). The blue gem in the middle matches the door, and the red gems signify what room it goes to. It will only fit into the blue door, and it will only turn counter clockwise rotating the outer circle of small triangles until the red triangle is at the top of the center circle, it then clicks into place. The door slowly opens up into a 20′ x 20′ room bathed is a dim red glow. Once the key is removed doors begin to slowly close, anyone inside is teleported to the red room, with the red door. Each room only teleports to another single room, IE: The Blue door always teleports to the red room/red door. The Red door always teleports to the yellow room/yellow door. The Yellow door always teleports to the blue room/blue door.

The forth key will look eactly the same as the other keys, except the four gems will all be black, this key will fit into any door, and will transport to any of the other rooms, depending on which triangle is rotated to the top of the circle.

I just had an idea for a forth door, that can only be opened with the black key, and it teleports to a different room altogether, like to the hellish depths of the Crimson Abby. I will let you know how it all works out, once the party finds the first key. I will also post the final version of the keys, once I have a design I like. As always enjoy, and Happy Friday to everyone out there.

NOTE: These were designed for myself to print out onto cardstock, cut out and hand to the party as they discover each door or key, I am just geeky that way with my playstyle. I love to pass around handouts, and when possible some type of physical representation of things like this, helps immerse the players a little more in my humble opinion.


RIP Mark, a heroic yet sad character death in this weeks game. Link to our Death and Dismemberment House Rules

Tuesday night is our groups game night. They were in the sewers of Deepfall trying to discover the mystery of who or what tried to break through the sealed magical door to Odyssious’ Wizard Tower. Odyssious called on the party to investigate this after he had successfully defended the door which had completly drained him. The party was headed back to the tower, somewhat battered and running out of resources, as they approached the last interesection with just another hundred feet or so to get back to the magic door. With loud footsteps a massive rat ogre abomination came around the corner, lead in massive chains by six ratmen and a Corvinian priest. This was obviously the creature that had almost broken through the door, and was on the way to try it again. The party attacked with ranged weapons all trained on the abomination, this hurt it and enraged it, yanking the chains from the ratmen’s hands. It turned to face it’s attackers. The Corvinian priest began chanting up a spell in the ratmen’s language. Mark, the gnome fighter rushed up and leaped at the abomination with his bastard sword, (Scoring a natural 20) felling the abomination into the sewer, but then one of the ratmen fired his crossbow at Mark, (also scoring a natural 20) reducing Mark to zero hit points. Mark had to roll on the Death and Dismemberment charts (Our own house rules for reaching zero hit points) He rolled a 5 and only had two rounds to be saved, and only heal spells or potions would save him. Unfortunately, the Corvinian priest cast a ratmen spell, Caustic Mist, which enveloped the all the party members in the front, immobilizing them for three rounds. None of the remaing party could enter the caustic mist, so Mark died before anyone could reach him. He died after killing the abomination (which was epic and heroic) only to be felled by a ratmen’s crossbow bolt.

Here is a link to my Death and Dismemberment charts. The original inspiration was from the Dungeoncraft YouTube channel. His chart in the episode #171 video “Why D&D Charaters need to die” was what I based my chart off of. I am a dungeon master that plays old school, and I believe that reaching zero hit points should mean death, the game is best when there is a real threat of death. That said, I am also a softy, and I hate to see characters die. These charts still give the characters a chance to survive, but there could be consequences. I always roll my dice out in the open for the players to see, so there is no fudging dice in our game. We implemented the Death and Dismemberment charts to lessen the blow of death, but it can still be brutal. Now my players are as scared of rolling on these charts as they are of reaching zero hit points.


Random Potion Effects…1d100 Random Table

Last year I created a random potion effects table, in my campaign world, elixer makers, apothocaries, etc. always seem to have a box of failed potions in their shops. They always want to sell them dirt cheap, and the players really liked it. The random effects have a way of driving the adventure in unexpected directions, they are lots of fun. Here is the Link: Random Potion Effects.

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