Moleskin Maps….By Matt Jackson….

Moleskin Maps

    I have always been a big fan of Matt Jackson’s work, I finally got around to ordering and downloading his Moleskin Map series (I got all three volumes for just over 10 bucks!) One of the things Matt does best is keep it simple, so his maps are very easy to use from a gaming standpoint. Since they are only available as PDF’s you can easily print them out and write notes all over them for your games. 

Moleskin Maps Volume 1: There are 11 maps here each full page along with a “One Page Dungeon” style notes sheet with a smaller image of the map in the upper right hand corner. It would be easy to stock several these ahead of time and have them ready for unplanned encounters or scenarios should the need arise. Matt also has several outdoor encounter style maps of campsites, a farm type layout, a village etc. along with standard cavern and dungeon maps. The outdoor areas are something you don’t see a lot of from other mappers (Myself included) so they can come in quite handy.

Moleskin Maps Volume 2: Again there are 11 maps here, each with it’s encounter sheet as well. Most of these maps are caverns and lair maps. I love the waterfall included in the map on pages 5-6. The ruined tower linked with secret tunnels to underground caves (which themselves are linked only through secret tunnels) is another map I like.

Moleskin Maps Volume 3: Is my personal favorite of the set. There are only 10 maps in this set, but they are the best in the series. Here Matt switches to a more detailed style, there are a few simpler, smaller maps but most are larger, more complex dungeon sprawls. A lot more dungeon style maps with a mix of caverns. Lots more detail and unique angles and lines make this set of maps an absolute joy to look at.

If you struggle drawing maps, or need some maps to help create some random locations or encounters, these will help a lot. Volume 1 is $3.50, Volume 2 is $2.99 and Volume 3 is $2.99 which is reasonable to me. In my humble opinion of the entire set, Volume Three could easily be the best value. Then again Volume one has the campsites\outdoor encounter areas, hell just buy all three and be done with it…!!! Keep up the great work Matt!!!

2 Responses to “Moleskin Maps….By Matt Jackson….”

  1. February 5, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    Hey thanks for the review! I am very glad you liked it, I need to add some more variety into the maps I think. When I announce volume four, remind me and I will send a complimentary copy your way.

    • February 5, 2013 at 9:50 pm

      Matt, I’ve always liked your work! You don’t have to send me a copy. I’m always happy to pay for them and support my favorite artists, but thanks anyway..:) Look forward to the volume 4.

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