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…..Friday’.s “Mystery Meat”…..The Dark Tower…..

    ~ Attention. Here’s an update on tonight’s dinner. It was veal. I repeat, veal. The winner of tonight’s mystery meat contest is Jeffrey Corbin who guessed “some kind of beef.”~

     It feels good to be back! Like I’ve mentioned before, ye olde day job has been absolutely brutal as of late. That’s why I have not been posting (or creating for that matter) anything for a while now. Too much stress! Tonight I just couldn’t take it anymore, I had to draw something, anything! I looked at the blank piece of graph paper, for a few moments I couldn’t picture anything. 

     A while ago a few emails passed between Dave “Dave’s Mapper” , Dyson “A Character for Every Game” and myself about the what worked best for the side, cap, and bottom vertical geomorphs in his software. Dyson liked the idea of the cap morphs being full sized, as it gives us more room to create, then there was the terrain edge matching up on the top and top-side geomorphs. I suggested the dead center line worked best for me, I think we all got on the same page. Thinking about that, I finally started to draw with those template ideas in mind. One thing led to another and here is the result. A vertical geomorph cap, along with two side-cap tiles. The Dark Tower!

      I envision the Dark Tower to be hidden in a crater, or surrounded by a ring of rugged hills. Entrance is gained through a journey down through a cavern, across a rickety rope bridge, then up a stairway that opens up to the sinister Dark Tower. The tower itself has a central spiral staircase that leads up through the tower and down to the lower levels. As always, enjoy! It does feel good to be posting again.


 Here is the left top side to go with it, a cavern with some ledges above a deep natural shaft.


     Here is the right side geomorph, the entrance leading to the Dark Tower.


Here is the complete set.


Is This A Radically, Awesome Cool Map, or What…?

   I have not had much time to do anything creative or blog lately. Yesterday I got some emails from Tsojcanth, at “Lost Papers of Tsojcanth” and there was link to this map he made using regular and vertical geomorphs from “Dyson” and myself. THIS MAP BLEW ME AWAY!!!!! What an awesome concept, damn it looks so purty!! What a great way to combine both styles of geomorphs.  Now if someone could just design a web-app like “Dave’s Mapper” to do maps like these, (Hint, Hint..)  much fun could be had by all!!! Great job Tsojanth….a very inspired idea.  You Sir….are a genius!!!


…..Life….it’s what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans…

….that pretty much says it all….This weekend I wanted to get some ideas I have out of my head and onto paper. Then the boss called… ended my weekend. It’s been a brutal few weeks at ye olde day job. It’s hard for me to be creative and productive with all the things I want to be doing, when there is so much outside pressure (Work). I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will be drawing and posting some new stuff soon. I just didn’t want the handful of my regular readers to think I gave up. Keep the faith.

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    This blog came into being after I discovered the OSR blog scene. I was inspired by Dyson Logos and his blog, specifically his geomorph project. Check out his awesome work: "Dyson's Dodecahedron" The style and the simple elegance of his 10 x 10 squares put me on a mapping roll. I have blatently (...and respectfully) emulated his style and now have pages upon pages of geomorphs. Along with more location specific maps in that same style.

   My intent for this blog is for it to be more than just maps and geomorphs. However, for now, I'm just enjoying this burst of creativity inspired by Dyson and the entire OSR community.

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