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….More Vertical Geomorphs…..”Monkey In Training”

     Here are the last two vertical geomorphs in my first set of 6. The first one is some more of the rickety wooden construction platforms, with “Chains”….(I’m talking to you m.s. jackson..:) The second one is a lot of fun, here we have an underground lake surrounding a small dark tower. The only way to get to that area is to climb a tall natural shaft. Entering the tower leads to a deep temple worshiping the tentacle god, which of course lurks in the murky depths of the lake. (Sorry m.s. I couldn’t resist lifting your idea for that…..) I had to go in and digitally clean up the lines for the tentacles and the statue, as my pen strokes just couln’t muster the detail I needed, feels like I cheated a little there…but it was worth it for the look I got., I think. I do want to give full credit to m.s. jackson over at ….Lapsus Calumni…. for the inspiration for the “Tentacle God” thank you sir!!! Watch that kid, I expect to see some more great stuff to come.


…..Friday’s “Mystery Meat”…..Leftovers Edition!

     Welcome to another edition of Friday’s “Mystery Meat”…..the Leftovers Edition. I am reposting the vertical geomorphs from yesterday, re-scanned for better quality, plus as an added a bonus one brand spanking new one. All for that everyday low price of whatever the hell you pay each month for your internet connection!! For some reason I see these vertical geomorphs in a whimiscal light, maybe because of various cartoons and some ads I used to see in various RPG publications. I seem to remember some side view dungeon images of a comical nature back in the day. Wish I had some exmples of what I mean. (If anyone has anything like that, please send me an image or link). Anyway that is how I have been approaching these things. Drawing in all the little details, gives these a slight cartoon feel and I am enjoying the results thus far. Hope you kids like em…!!!!

       Vertical-Geomorph 1 (Set-1)  This one has at the top a large 2 level room with an open stairway, halfway down the steps is a balcony that overlooks the lower level with a ledge and archway that leads to “where ever”…?? Continuing down the steps leads to  the lower open level. A secret door opens to a spiked pit trap, above which, there trap door that is reached by the ladder. There is another trap that drops the un-wary into a pit filled with water/acid/chocolate pudding…(what ever:). There is also a chamber with some coffins and a secret room with a treasure chest. Fun Times!

     Vertical-Geomorph 2 (Set-1)  This one has a door leading to a deep vertical shaft filled with water, a secret door at the bottom leads somewhere else. There is a statue in the lower room that, when properly triggered, slides forward reavealing a hidden stairway. There is also yet another secret door behind the statue. Fun Times 2!!

     Vertical-Geomorph 3 (Set-1)  This is my favorite so far. Here we have a large open cavern with a whole lot of (construction?) going on. Ramshackle wooden platforms at various levels with a large (working?) crane. A secret passageway leads to a long ladder into the depths. Wooden you like to have some fun!!!

     Vertical-Geomorph 4 (Set-1)  This one has a large cavern with a narrow stone bridge spanning a large chasm. At the bottom of the chasm is a secret passeway leading into the underworld. Getting into running battles on a narrow bridge and falling down Fun!!!!


Vertical Geomorphs….Not So “Epic Fail”….and I’m No One’s Monkey…..

    Here are some of my new vertical geomorphs, I drew these up last night. Seeing as how Dyson is worried about being Jeff Rient’s monkey this morning. I figured I better post these, because I am no one’s monkey. I scanned these at work, so the quality isn’t as good as usual, I’ll re-scan them at home and swap them out later. Like I said, I’m no one’s monkey, but I didn’t want Dyson to feel alone. I “monkeyed” around with some vertical geomorphs earlier…..which was an “Epic Fail” but still very cool. Now I’m just running with the “Monkey” pack/herd/troop…whatever. As always….Enjoy!!


Geomorph Set-7 “Village Set”

     Here is the first complete set of “Village” geomorphs, I’ll be doing some more of these soon. Just click on the image for a full page PDF file.


Geomorph-42 (Set-7)

     Here is the next village geomorph, this one has a large inn\tavern the local gathering place for the village. I’m wondering if I made it too large, but what the hey, it works for now.


Geomorph-41 (Set-7)

The next geomorph in the village series, just some more buildings and one with a stone fence\pen.


Sideways Geomorphs…..Jeff Rients’ Challenge…..Epic Fail, Sort Of…!!!

     Jeff Rients over at Jeff’s Gameblog proposed a challenge to our merry little band of geomorphers out here in the blog-o-sphere. To produce veritical geomorphs, the sideways cut-away views of dungeons in geomorph form. This is my take on the challenge, in retrospect after re-reading his post that threw down the gauntlet, I have failed the challenge in an “Epic” way.

     I started this whole thing thinking along the lines entire levels, came up with a template that seemed to work for the ideas I had in mind and went at it. After I got so far I went back to read the challenge again and realized that Jeff was calling for a more granular, room by room, cavern by cavern, with all the small details of ledges, balconies, stairs etc. that could make an exciting and interesting vertical dungeon adventure. Tim Ballew at Risus Monkey got it completely right yesterday when he posted his sideways vertical geomorph. Why did he get it right and I failed…?

Tim Ballews Vertical Geomorph lifted from his website.

1.  He used the de-facto standard geomorph template that Dyson Logos got us all started on. That is the KISS concept of “Keep It Simple Stupid”…….I did not.

2. He created his geomorph on the room by room basis, which allows for some detailed vertical dungeon adventuring…….I did not.

3.  He obviously paid closer attention to what Jeff had proposed…..I did not catch that until re-reading it.

4.  His use of the standard template will fit right into Dave’s Mapper with out any issues……mine would not.

     All that being said, I did create an interesting concept for sideways maps…..and I really like the way it turned out, it failed the challenge but what a great way to fail…:)  I hope you all enjoy it. Click on the image for a full page PDF.

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About this blog

    This blog came into being after I discovered the OSR blog scene. I was inspired by Dyson Logos and his blog, specifically his geomorph project. Check out his awesome work: "Dyson's Dodecahedron" The style and the simple elegance of his 10 x 10 squares put me on a mapping roll. I have blatently (...and respectfully) emulated his style and now have pages upon pages of geomorphs. Along with more location specific maps in that same style.

   My intent for this blog is for it to be more than just maps and geomorphs. However, for now, I'm just enjoying this burst of creativity inspired by Dyson and the entire OSR community.

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