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…..Friday’s “Mystery Meat”…..Vertical Geomorphs Combined

    ~ Attention. Here’s an update on tonight’s dinner. It was veal. I repeat, veal. The winner of tonight’s mystery meat contest is Jeffrey Corbin who guessed “some kind of beef.”~

     Just playing catch-up, I wanted to get some of the more recent vertical geomorphs into a quick PDF file. Click on the image for the full page PDF. I excluded the “Creepy Crypts” morph, because I’m feeling the need to expand on that theme. I’ve got two cap pieces, along with two sets of cap corners, and some side pieces. All of which I posted previously. Now I just have them together into a single easy to print/store/shred file. Enjoy!


Bastion….A Vertical Geomorph of Conflict….

     I’m back, It’s been too long since I lasted posted anything. This is a new vertical geomorph with some side morphs. It is the “Bastion”, I envisioned an underground fortification, to defend against the hordes of goblins, orcs, kobolds or whatever your favorite horde happens to be. The horde is constantly lurking in the caverns and catacombs, scurrying through the tunnels, skittering up the chains, sneaking onto the ledges to fire arrows at the fortress. The denizens of the fortress, Dwarves, Gnomes, whatever….are in a constant state of alert, defending their side of the caverns. Anyway, that’s how I saw it, and how I tried to depict it. Hope you all enjoy this one.

    Here is the full geomorph, with a multi-level fortress, parapets, ladders etc. for getting between levels. Then on the other side are lots of caves and ledges wherein hide the “Hordes” they use chains to help move up and down.

    Here is the side geomorph of the “Fortress” side, a large tower with a sprial staircase leads down to the other levels. Two narrow stone bridges seperate the fortress side from the tower. If the hoard gets past the “Fortress” the last line of defense is the tower overlooking the two bridges.

     Finally we have the “Horde” side geomorph, lots of caves, tunnels, ledges and chains for the sneaky little gits to move around with. It is here where they will gather for their final assault on the fortress.

UPDATE: Here is an image of all three of the morphs together:


….Road Trip….

     Greetings all, sorry for the lack of posts this weekend….took a break from everthing for a bit. Now I am in St. Cloud, MN….installing cameras etc. at an IRS office (Yay Me…) I won’t have access to a scanner, so I won’t be posting any new drawings….but I may be able to consolidate some of the recent ones into a full page pdf file. Just not tonight….it was a long drive and a long day.


…..Friday’s “Mystery Meat”…..Posted Just Before Midnight….

    ~ Attention. Here’s an update on tonight’s dinner. It was veal. I repeat, veal. The winner of tonight’s mystery meat contest is Jeffrey Corbin who guessed “some kind of beef.”~

      Welcome Back to the “Mystery Meat”…..on the menu this week, we have a classic. One of my favorite images from when first found D&D was this image, I’m pretty sure it was from the Holmes edition. (I can’t find my copy right now to verify that) The Stone Skull cross-section view of a dungeon layout.

     This one single image, really blew me away at the time. So many possibilities, so many ideas all filled my head the more I looked at it. I used it as a template, dungeons I drew up that had more than a single level, always had a cross-sectional view. In homage to that wonderful picture, I serve up this simple Stone Skull Cap piece for all the new vertical geomorphs. As a free bonus two more corners as well. Enjoy!!!

     And, like I said a two new corner pieces…..for that everyday low price of…..Free!!!

     Here’s a .jpg of all three pieces together, these too will be included in a full page PDF as soon as I get a chance.


Vertical Geomorph 8 (Set 2) …..Creepy Crypts…..

     Here’s a new Geomorph, it’s going to show up on the full page PDF of the last post, the sides, corners, etc. This one is kind of fun, it’s a bunch of  “Creepy Crypts”!!! I really like the way this one turned out, mostly. The entry ways into the large vaulted, multi level crypt, are open archways from the circular stairs on each side of it. I still don’t like the way these look, as they aren’t all that clear, I just don’t have any better way to do it yet. The large columns don’t help, as they kind of muddle up the sides, but I needed and wanted them there….to give the room a large vaulted chamber look. Oh well, it’s still a fun geomorph, and I had a lot of fun drawing this up. I also tried hard to make the wall mounted torches NOT look like floating carrots, (Yes Matt, I’m talking to you…:) I’m not sure I succeded on that count…..:)  As always enjoy…..


Vertical Geomorphs, Cap, Sides & Corners….(I’m a Dave’s Mapper Monkey)

     I wanted to get these posted last night, but just got too tired to finish up the process. Here is a cap piece, two corners, two sides, and a standard geomorph. Dave’s Mapper just needed some corner and side love vertical style. First we have the cap piece, a simple two-level tower, with a moat and a draw bridge.

     Next we have the standard geomorph, this time I tried a few new things, not sure how well they worked. (If anyone can think of a better representation of these let me know) The first is a the staircase coming towards us in the top room, it is an open stairway to the room side, and I have corridor going under it (The dotted lines) to an open archway (a sideview of the archway stones at the end of the dotted lines) Did any of that make any sense? Anyway, the second is the secret door (which faces us along the back wall of the room) it leads to a ladder (down to steps the come towards us) Like I said, not sure if that is all very clear or not. If anyone has suggestions to help, please let me know.

     Next, I have the two corner pieces, nothing too special, just had to make something for the corners.


     Last I have my side pieces, the first with chains and platforms in a deep cavern pit.

     The second one is a vertical set of dungeon cells, reached by a platform on a chain that can by winched up and down. Weird, I know, but a little different…..these are vertical geomorphs after all.


     Finally, here’s a .jpg of the complete set, I still have to go back and darken my lines like I normally do. I’ll be making some more sides, and standard geomorphs on the sheet, so I’ll get to a full page PDF when the entire sheet is done.


Vertical Geomorphs (Set 1)…..Or How I stopped Worrying & Learned To Love Being “A Trained Monkey”

     Jeff Rients started this thing with his “Challenge” for vertical geomorphs. Risus Monkey got it “Right” , Dyson, I think, is still in “Denial” ,  M.S. Jackson is “Rocking It” and I started with the “Epic Fail” and am now just tagging along for the ride. At least we’re having fun (we are having fun aren’t we…?) Anyway here is the first complete set of my Vertical Geomorphs (Set-1). Click on the image for a full page PDF. Enjoy!!!



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