Geomorph 33 (Set 6)…..The Hive…..

     The next geomorph in the theme set “The Hive”.  A fungus forest\garden that the insectoids cultivate and harvest for food. The insectoids in the hive have to eat something, when they run out of fresh adventurers. I imagine these mushroom gardens to be spread through out the hive. Workers busily tending, cultivating and harvesting them, while a warrior or an overlord master, watches over them from an upper level. I struggled with this one, as everthing I do is always a straight top down view. Doing a bunch of mushrooms top down, would result in just a bunch of overlapping circles. I finally used a slighty side view of them, I think it turned out ok, at least you can tell what they’re supposed to be. Enjoy.


1 Response to “Geomorph 33 (Set 6)…..The Hive…..”

  1. 1 Dyson Logos
    January 28, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    Love the mushrooms. I always have issues adding elements that don’t look good from above. When I put mushrooms in “The Charmed Grotto”, I had one broken and lying on it’s side to make them obvious.

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    This blog came into being after I discovered the OSR blog scene. I was inspired by Dyson Logos and his blog, specifically his geomorph project. Check out his awesome work: "Dyson's Dodecahedron" The style and the simple elegance of his 10 x 10 squares put me on a mapping roll. I have blatently (...and respectfully) emulated his style and now have pages upon pages of geomorphs. Along with more location specific maps in that same style.

   My intent for this blog is for it to be more than just maps and geomorphs. However, for now, I'm just enjoying this burst of creativity inspired by Dyson and the entire OSR community.

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